Bench At Home Mandate

Bench At Home MANDATE

6/20/2020 - 6/27/2020

This is an online Bench Press only event.  ANYONE can compete from ANYWHERE!  We have all been stuck at home for the past 60+ days.  You are hereby MANDATED to Bench at home and compete in this virtual contest to determine who can truly bench a house!

Every registration will support 100 kid meals through!!!






This is a Bench Press only Online Event.  Lifters will compete in one of 5 weight classes (Light, Middle, Heavy, and Super Heavy).

  • Winners for each weight class will be determine in the Open Division by the Wilks formula.  
  • Winners of the Master's Division (40+) will be determined by the age coefficient.
  • Cool swag provided by Bench Blokz and Belt Skinz will be sent to the CHAMPS!
  • Everyone gets this great shirt!


This is a raw Bench Press event.  We cannot inspect your equipment.  We expect you to be honest and comply with the following.  Any deviation will be deemed a failed lift.

  • Wrist wraps (any brand and length)
  • Belt (any brand and length/style)
  • Singlets are not required but encouraged for ease of judging
  • If not wearing a singlet then wear a tight fitting shirt and shorts that are above your knees
  • Shoes are not required (no specifics regarding types of shoes)
  • NO elbow sleeves
  • NO supportive suits or shirts


  • All submissions must be sent in between June 20, 2020 and June 27, 2020.
    • Show the home screen of your phone or a friend’s at the start of each lift to indicate the date/time each lift was performed.
    • All lifts must be completed during this time frame and not before.
  • Upload to YouTube, make it public or unlisted, and ensure you do not have music playing in the background to avoid copyright issues.
  • All lifts will be judged by a certified referee for compliance with standard rules of each lift as described below.  Challenging or questionable lifts will be evaluated by a three-judge panel. Judgment will side with the majority ruling.
    • The lifter’s entire body as well as the entire barbell MUST be visible throughout the entire lift.
    • Use a camera stand or get a friend to hold the camera for you.
    • The judges will reject any submission where the camera angles do not permit adequate assessment of the lift(s).
    • Weigh-in Video:  submit a video of you weighing yourself on a scale.  Wear the clothing you will wear for the event but remove shoes and belt.  DO NOT REMOVE CLOTHES.
    • After the lift is complete, the camera must clearly show each plate in either lbs or kg on one side of the bar.  This must be a continuous video without editing.
  • Bench Press Rules
    • Grip:  Any grip is allowable but thumbless (suicide grip) is strongly discouraged.
    • Grip distance:  Maximum allowable spacing of the hands show not exceed 81 cm measured between the forefingers.  We will not be able to measure so we ask for your honesty.  Overtly wide grips will be deemed a failure.
    • Lifter may have a lift off person but they cannot touch the bar once the lifter begins their descent.
    • Lifter’s buttox must remain in contact with the bench at all times.
    • The bar must come to a stop on the lifter’s chest.  A pause is NOT required, however a clear bounce will be deemed a failure.
    • No contact with the uprights or safety pins are allowed.


Check out the Rules of the Competition Video here:

Proudly Sponsored by BENCH BLOKZ and BELT SKINZ

A detailed set of instructions for submitting your lifts will be emailed directly to all who register for the event.  This will include a simple instructional video as well for your viewing pleasure.